Artwork for print

Your artwork is the very start of our process and one of the most important. All files must be print ready and in line with the artworks detail and colour content.

Artwork containing fine detail or photographic images must be halftone and multi colour jobs labeled and listed.

Files must be:



Print quality 300dpi. If we receive pictures of artwork or low resolution files a design charge will be automatically applied and results may not be 100%

We work on a standard print area which is 27cm x 40cm but we can print oversize just get in touch.

print-arteaSend all artwork too:

All additional artwork changes and modifications will be charged at a standard rate.

If maximum print area is used the design won’t fit onto small or ladies style garment due to sleeve restrictions.

We have in house design services. If you require artwork to be made from the ground up or just getting your existing artwork upto print ready standard please get in touch.

Artwork charge per hr £30